As a bridge between the sea and the dining table, Ishinomaki Tsuda Fish provides fresh seafood directly to all parts of Japan and the world.

Ishinomaki Tsuda Fish from "then" to "now".

Bringing you fresh Ishinomaki seafood all over Japan and the world.

ISHINOMAKI TSUDA FISH was established in 1973 in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi, Japan. Since then we have bridged the distance between the sea and the dining table. Our company suffered great damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. However, thanks to the great support we received from our customers, local people and people from all over Japan we were able to make our way towards recovery. We took on two roles in order to introduce Ishinomaki seafood to all over Japan and the world and those roles are "Firm Commitment to the Community" and "Challenging the Future"

株式会社石巻津田水産 代表取締役 津田 竹雄

  • 石巻の魚の旨さを日本中に、世界中に。
  • 石巻の魚の旨さを日本中に、世界中に。
  • 石巻の魚の旨さを日本中に、世界中に。
  • 石巻の魚の旨さを日本中に、世界中に。

Company Information and Access

Established July 1973 as an individual, November 2011 as a corporation
Capital Fund 5,000,000 JPY
Address 5-7-51 Okaidominami, Ishinomaki, Miyagi 986-0856, Japan see direction
Office Hours 9:00 – 17:00 (closed on Sundays and National Holidays)
Scope of Business Wholesale, retail and export of fish, and restaurant service
Membership Miyagi Silver Salmon Promotional Conference/Ishinomaki Fish Market Buyer Associations/Ishinomaki Camber of Commerce and Industry./Ishibnomaki Tourist Association/Miyagiken Products Promotional Conference/Miyagi Export Foods Promotional Conference/Japan Seawater Farmed Fish Association
Affiliate Fisherman・Japan