Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some examples of Frequently Asked Questions that we have received.

For Businesses and Corporations

What is the minimum order to start business?

About 5,000 yen per order.

Can I specify the species?

Yes, however, depending on the weather some fish may not be available.

Can you tell me the price for each type of fish?

Contact us first. Depending on seasonal and market conditions the price can fluctuate.

Can you supply us with a stable and large quantity order?

Contact us first. Depending on the season and species, some fish may not be available.

Are you capable of filling orders on short notice?

Yes, we can if we receive your order by noon (inside Japan).

How long does it take to receive the order?

From Aomori to Hyogo it takes one day.
Hokkaido, west of Okayama, Shikoku and Kyushu will also arrive the next day.
For international orders, please contact us.

Do you accept payment by credit?

It depends. Some conditions may apply.

How much is the transportation fee?

It depends on the delivery method and location, either door to door or express market delivery. Please tell us the exact delivery location.

Do you have an "Omakase" Box?

Yes. Let us know your budget and how you will use it.

Do you handle processed products?

Yes, we do. We have factories.

Is it possible to buy an already assembled lot?

Only whole seafood can be contracted by assembled lot.

Do you handle frozen seafood?

Yes, we do. We are especially famous for our original "Kinka Shime-Saba."

Can I buy seafood directly through you?

Yes, please order through our homepage (Fisherman Japan) (available soon)

Job Openings

Are you hiring?

You are welcome to apply if you are filled with energy and guts. We have openings for buyers, drivers & deliverers, salespeople, and even jobs abroad. If you are willing to join us, please call!

Do you provide an internship for students?

If you are skilled at something, please contact us! Let’s make life easy!